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Custom 404 Page for GitHub Pages

In my previous article about migrating this website to John Sundell's Publish framework, I mentioned that one of the issues I faced was around how a custom 404 page produced by Publish does not work for websites hosted by Github Pages.

A page called will be placed under the following URL when using the .foldersAndIndexFiles case of the HTMLFileMode enum defined in Publish:

However, GitHub Pages expects:

Now, one way to fix this problem would be to simply switch the file mode to .standAloneFiles , which I could have done. However, I didn't want to change the file hierarchy for my entire website just for this one case.

I fixed my problem by adding a new publishing step that renames 404/index.html to 404/404.html, copies 404.html to the output folder and deletes the 404 folder. Here's the code:

extension PublishingStep {
    static func move404FileForGitHubPages() -> Self {
        let stepName = "Move 404 file for GitHub Pages"

        return step(named: stepName) { context in
            guard let orig404Page = context.pages["404"] else {
                throw PublishingError(stepName: stepName,
                                      infoMessage: "Unable to find 404 page")

            let orig404File = try context.outputFile(at: "\(orig404Page.path)/index.html")
            try orig404File.rename(to: "404")

                let orig404Folder = orig404File.parent,
                let outputFolder = orig404Folder.parent,
                let rootFolder = outputFolder.parent
            else {
                throw PublishingError(stepName: stepName,
                                      infoMessage: "Unable find root, output and 404 folders")

            try context.copyFileToOutput(from: "\(orig404File.path(relativeTo: rootFolder))")
            try orig404Folder.delete()

Make sure to place this publishing step after the HTML generation step. To do so, you will need to adopt a custom publishing pipeline instead of the default one.